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Why Graceful Reflections?

Grace as we interpret it is a convergence of traits such as, but not limited to Self-Awareness, Self-Honesty, Self-Belief, Inner Peace, Inner Strength, Pure Joy, Faith, Truth, Unconditional Love, Benevolence, Wisdom and more.

Reflection in the context of energy work is the process of observing and reviewing our options, choices, and actions; past, present, and future. Reflection helps us look beyond the obvious and into the fuzzy areas to find clarity. It encourages us to find calm in the chaos, to see evidence of synchronicity in our lives, and the opportunity to transform.

Reflection in the mindful state of our own personal Grace can transform us into our own personal coach and mentor by the simple process of self-empowerment, responsibility, and accountability.  

While it is easy to overlook that we inherently possess the characteristics that make us children of the light, with a disciplined approach we can easily support our potential to be –

Free to make our own choices, yet Accountable for those choices

Gentle, yet Encouraging

Nurturing, yet Empowering

Humble, yet Assertive

Giving, without being Naive

Imagine if you will, being mindful of, and being able to reflect and share this gift in every experience and interaction in life. 

When You Look Into a Mirror, Who Do You Look At?

What do you reflect upon, no matter how fleetingly? The younger you – For having the courage to experience life gracefully…

The present you – No judgement…

The future you – Grateful to my experiences that have shaped me…

At Graceful Reflections we endeavour to create the unconditional, non-judgemental space for self-reflection and self-recognition of who we truly are in fulfilment of our human and spiritual journey.

Graceful Reflections is all about finding/recognising spirituality in our everyday lives.

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