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about us:

About: Graceful Reflections

Graceful Reflections is a culmination of years of experience supporting and contributing to growth and wellbeing in the cognitive and consciousness awareness realms. Our coaching sessions and workshops are created specifically as such.

It is also the realization of our desire to integrate our experiences onto a single platform where we can offer therapy and coaching sessions jointly or independently.

Vandana-Mendonca copydd

Vandana Mendonça

Meet our:

Holistic Specialist

I am an intuitive Holistic Specialist, wellness coach and meditation facilitator whose down-to-earth approach regarding spirituality in our everyday lives arises out of self-empowerment and self-healing through a deeper connection with universal energy.

My Holistic Speciality acknowledge the delicate balance between mind, body and spirit, consequently inspiring, supporting and empowering a personal responsibility in the process of self-healing.

I am a contributing author to ‘The Empowerment Manual’ & ‘Manifesting Modern Miracles’ published by Visionary Insight Press, USA. Amazon author’s

about us:

Holistic Specialist with Graceful Reflections range from:

Mr. Tony

Anthony A. Mendonça

Meet our:

Personal & Performance Enhancer

I like to think of myself as a common sense Personal Coach and believe that planting the seeds of thought is as important as the rules of engagement. I like individuals to consider the question What if… to put them on the path of personal identity change.

I am a founding partner in Trip Symphony DMCC, an Online Travel Portal based in Dubai. My earlier assignments include Training and Development Manager for a Travel Conglomerate in Oman and prior to that, a 30+ year stint in the airline domain with British Airways and Emirates (Holidays).

about us:

I offer individual coaching, online coaching, and group workshops in the corporate space and at a personal level: