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Graceful Reflections is about ‘Finding Spirituality in Our Everyday Experiences’.

The 12 Ascension Chakras Meditation 

What is Ascension?

Even though the word Ascension comes from the word Ascend, it does not mean to literally rise above with our physical body. It’s about ascending in our thoughts, words, emotions, actions and ultimately in our vibrations so that we radiate light from within to the world around us. When we radiate at a higher level we live a life of joy, freedom and experience oneness with the world.

Our path to Ascension is enhanced by qualities like Trust, Integrity, Joy, Peace and most of all Honour Others. 

We are able to relax and enjoy the journey of life helping others and dedicating our lives to a higher purpose. Hence it’s important we balance our wisdom and power. 

The 12 Ascension chakras help us to bridge the gap between the higher realms and our own third dimension energy leading to a deeper experience of interconnectedness, enlightenment and eventually to Ascension of our soul. 

This meditation links the 12 Chakras to the Angelic realms. The Archangels who are the overseers of humankind are here to help and guide us with ease and grace through the challenges of human experience thus helping us with the ascension process.