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Vision, goals, higher consciousness, fulfilment; all important words to describe how the game of life should be played. Yet our life experiences can be a far more complex than that. Too often we find ourselves being nudged in a direction that we hadn’t even conceived nor can be understood at first glance. However, once we learn to connect the dots of our past experiences the signposts for the way forward become obvious. 

The integration of Graceful Reflections consciousness awareness plants the ‘seed of thought’ just as the cognitive coaching emphasizes the ‘what if…’ possibilities that can enhance change. 

With this self-awareness and self-realization, the path to self-actualization becomes uncomplicated and enjoyable. In effect, it is ‘finding spirituality in our everyday experiences’.

In this coaching session we address more than what is obvious on the surface but also what lies beneath multiple layers. This integrated approach to coaching helps to bring the hidden or subconscious aspects into an acceptable sphere of personal influence.

It further supports the practical application of consciousness awareness in our daily lives.

This integrated approach is effective for career change, confidence building and self-development

 Supports problem solving, goal setting and long term vision creation

Logical and introspective approach is combined with intuition

Combination of pragmatism and a greater awareness of the self

Cognitive and Consciousness Awareness coaching as well as workshops are available as a continued process of self-development and fulfillment.