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30 minutes free consultation on Zoom prior to booking
Personalized Coaching Session. 90 - 120 minutes $155/-

Group Workshop 180 minutes $110/- per person

Have you ever wondered what makes you different as well as unique?
How do you see yourself in the grand scheme of things?
Do you understand how you project yourself in the world around you?

Having this awareness helps to:
👉Understand the importance of your core identity and emotional influencers
👉Develop your sense of purpose around your core identity
👉Manage Change
👉Create an Inspiring Life Vision
👉Achieve your Goals
👉Improve Emotional Intelligence

As individuals we seek to fulfill all our emotional needs whether we realise it or not and we tend to have two emotional influencers that become dominant in our lives. Our emotional influencers  potentially determine how we create our self- identity, our quality of life and ultimately our destiny.

What can one expect from this coaching session/workshop?

  • Understand patterns of behavior that become our core personality
  • Greater awareness about ourselves and others
  • Improve emotional intelligence
  • Develop a clear sense of purpose
  • Understand our Rules of Engagement
Individual success comes down to not just getting along with others, but on how well we can connect with and influence others towards a common goal and towards our own personal vision. 
Connect with us to learn some more.

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