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Graceful Reflections is about ‘Finding spirituality in our everyday experiences’.
We all strive to live a life full of energy, happiness, peace, with purpose and fulfillment. Seeking all of that in the fabric of life can be challenging at times but certainly not impossible.
More and more we see people turning to different spiritual practices to find that balance between personal spirituality and human experiences. Meditation is one such practice that helps to create the perfect balance.
A question to ask is what do we want from our meditation practice? And, at different times of our life our need can change from stillness, to inspiration, healing, de-cluttering our mind, intuition, connecting with our inner spirit, clarity, de-stress, mindfulness, forgiveness, gratitude, love, interconnectedness, oneness with source and more.
These meditations and approaches are channeled to me through my Guides, Masters and Angels and I will be constantly adding new meditations and approaches on my YouTube channel. Subscribe and share my YouTube channel.
Explore the multiple playlists on my YouTube channel to experience the meditation that best fits your needs
On my Youtube channel you will find 6 playlists. Each one has a different focus.

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1. Setting the Tone with Graceful Reflections

This is exactly what it suggests. It sets the tone to your day. A good place to start like laying the foundation for a centered, focused and productive day. Keeping high and mindful energy in your body, thoughts, emotions and spirit. 

You will find simple 5 minute kickstarters, to 5 minutes to wind down the day, working with Angels to ground, center n protect you and your loved ones, or using the chakras as your starting point.

2. Fine Tuning with Graceful Reflections:

These meditations will help fine tune your energy on days when you need that added boost of faith and connection to your higher self. You can raise your vibrations to connect with your uniqueness to create, get past a challenging situation or perhaps have more time to invest in your personal growth.  

3. Step Outside the Drama with Graceful Reflections:

         Life’s experiences take us into a whirlwind of thoughts and emotions and at times the curve balls thrown at us challenge our center. This is when we have to be  able to ‘step outside the drama’ and see the higher perspective to understand how each experience helps us learn, grow and raise our vibrations.

4. Strategies of Life with Graceful Reflections:

In this playlist you will find steps and strategies to help you channel your energy positively for focused results.  

5. Other Meditation Techniques

6. Giving back to Mother Earth with Graceful Reflections:

These are Facebook LIVE meditations shared bi-monthly with a new focus each session. The main focus is on empowering viewers to build a meditation practice and feel empowered.

I will be delighted to create new meditations to help you through your experiences. If you would like a personalized meditation you can connect with me.