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Work from home is the current flavor of the times and has served as a catalyst to how well we can cope with the grey areas.  The big question is how well we integrate our time and actions under the circumstances. This has a knock on effect on our emotions and our priorities in life. 

Key facets of our life usually tend to be Work/Career/Studies, Relationships and Social Life, Finances, Family, Travel and Leisure, Personal Growth, Contribution, Love and Romance. And yet, there are more aspects of life that have the potential to bring joy. It is the priority we give to each of these aspects that can determine the quality of the life we live. Ensuring a healthy balance is more or less determined by our emotional influencers.

This workshop is an amalgamation of how our human needs and our emotional drivers influence the key areas of our lives and how our sense of purpose can be enhanced or distorted when we are not wholly in synch with ourselves.