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What is a natural Aromatherapy Facial?

A natural aromatherapy facial treatment consists of cleansing the face and neck with a gentle plant-based oil, toning with aromatic waters, a warm aromatic compress to open the pores, a nutritious face pack and a specialized massage sequence using essential oils blended with plant based oils. Natural products are selected to suit individual skin types and are hugely beneficial in achieving a smooth revitalized complexion.

Some of the benefits are:

  • Cell regeneration
  • Wrinkle softening
  • Reduces puffiness
  • Enhances natural radiance
  • Chemical free products

What I bring to the therapy!

I add ten minutes Reflexology techniques to support the wellness of the receiver. Furthermore, I give the receiver tips and tricks to use natural skin care techniques on themselves with the additional knowledge about the detrimental effects of chemical products.

What does the receiver bring to the therapy?

The receiver comes with the belief in the effects and the power of nature’s storehouse.