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The Natural Face Lift manipulates facial pressure points to uplift and tone facial muscles, improves skin texture, stimulate elastin & collagen production and eliminates toxins. It enhances the benefits of Facial Reflexology with a specialized noninvasive Face Lift Massage, leading to a healthy, uplifted and rejuvenated look.

Due to the proximity to the brain, Facial Reflexology enjoys an efficient and quick access to the central nervous system to address imbalances and contributes to a glowing complexion.

This unique holistic therapy combines traditional healing methods from the Orient and South America with the modern science of neurology using body maps, energy meridians of the body, acupressure and benefits of acupuncture without the needles. 

This therapy is suitable for all age groups and with virtually no contraindications. It is very effective in balancing the body, de-stressing the mind and bringing emotional balance.

A course of regular treatments becomes an integral part of self-care for most.

However please be aware that this is an in-person session and is not offered as an online session.