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Change happens when our personal vision is far greater than where we are now!


A RESOLUTION is defined as a decision to do or not do something. RESOLVE is defined as a firm determination to do something.

This is why it is important for us to know and understand ourselves.

  1. What drives us onward?
  2. What we are passionate about?
  3. What do we want to achieve in our lifetime?
  4. What makes us feel fulfilled?

So if you made a resolution to become a better you, a different you – has that resolution turned into a firm resolve yet?

Do you still have the same passion and the drive to achieve what you set out to do?

Is your motivation flagging?

Is your passion taking a beating?

Is procrastination getting in the way?

Is it a lack of self-awareness?

What to expect from this coaching session / workshop?

  • Understanding our role in the change process
  • Fine tuning our motivation for change
  • The Power of Impact
  • The importance of having a vision
  • Making change happen