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What is Soul guidance from the akasha ?

These specialized sessions are designed to help the receiver bridge the gap between the tangible and intangible experiences of life. Vandana creates a safe and supportive energy field to receive guidance from the soul’s infinite wisdom held in the Akashic Records.

Our soul along with the Universe guides us on our earthly journey, communicating with us through our intuition, visions, dreams, signs, and synchronicities. This guidance evokes within us a sense of support, empowerment, and joy through the journey of our life.

At times though, we may feel disconnected, confused, stuck in a repetitive pattern, or may not be in alignment with our true selves. We may feel drawn to seeking a deeper understanding of our purpose, life choices, relationships, challenges, strengths, passion, guidance from our ancestors.

Soul guidance sessions are intuitively personalized to support you in receiving the guidance that is held by your soul’s collective wisdom in the etheric realms. The guidance is received in the presence of your guides and angels who share with you the wisdom appropriate for your highest good in the present moment.  

However, you must give permission for this information to be revealed to you and to get clarity about the areas in which you seek guidance. It helps you and your angels to make this an effective session to take your life forward with confidence and awareness. They also request you to receive guidance with an open heart and mind with no self-judgment, just as how they see you.

Soul guidance sessions are identified as follows:

Soul Knowledge – Receiving our soul’s stored wisdom of the ages brings insight and deeper understanding of our life choices, relationships, challenges, strengths, passion and more, assisting us in understanding the lessons hidden within our challenges and in making wiser decisions.

Soul Connection-Connecting with our departed loved ones and ancestors to help us heal, make peace, and move forward with the assurance that their guidance and love is always present in our lives.

Soul Purpose – Understanding our Purpose under the guidance from our soul helps us put our strengths, limitations, opportunities, and challenges into context. Soul Purpose becomes a platform upon which we build clarity, focus, resolves and renewed sense of motivation.

           A session is booked only after a 15-minute free online/call consultation with Vandana

Soul guidance from the akasha

90 Minutes
$ 235 Session
  • Soul guidance from the akasha