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Universe Within

3 hours’ Workshop / Meditation

$85 / Per person (Group rate)

$60 / Single Supplement applicable

Deep dive into understanding our Chakras- Wheels that Heal and are a profound representation of the Universe.

We will explore these portals that bridge our inner and outer worlds by their:

  • Location on our subtle body, sound, colour, element it draws energy from.
  • Central theme of each chakra
  • The animal power
  • Stages of the development of each chakra and so much more.

The aim is for you to assess the health of each chakra and to create your own personal self-healing practice based in the chakra system.

Learning to communicate with Angels

4 hours

$150 / per person (Group rate)

$60 / Single Supplement applicable

Consciously connecting with the Angels has helped me live a life full of joy, inspiration and guidance. It is my privilege and honor to share this connection and teach you how to connect as well. Share with me your time, your energy and your curiosity and I will share with you the skills and benefits of connecting with the Angelic Realms.

The Aims of the workshop through interactive participation are:

  • An Introduction to Angels.
  • Understanding the concept of connecting and calling on Angels.
  • Benefits of connecting, listening to and working with Angels.
  • Establishing your own guide on how best you can connect with Angels.

The ultimate objective of the workshop is for you to be of the conviction that you Walk in the Light with your own Angel Guide.

Aim and Learning Outcome

Intuition is called The Language of the Soul. The purpose of this interactive workshop is to encourage the individual to become comfortable with, to understand their intuitive strengths and how it can be used to communicate with Angels.

A manual and a certificate of attendance will be given to all participants.

Can an Archangel be my Life coach?

3 hours’ Workshop/ Meditation

$100 / per person (Group rate)

$60 / Single Supplement applicable

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a permanent life coach on call, available for you 24hours a day? How about more than one life coach with just the guidance that you need in the different areas of our lives?

Archangels are chief messengers of God or Source. Overseers of humankind.
What good does it do, to have this wonderful support system and not call upon them?
Life coaching workshop with the Archangels. In the key areas of our lives-

    • Manifesting abundance in Material life – Archangel Ariel
    • Relationships and healing on all levels – Archangel Raphael
    • Creativity and Passion – Archangel Gabriel
    • Communicating & Walking the path of our purpose – Archangel Michael
    • Spiritual or Higher Consciousness – Archangel Metatron

Spiritual Card Reading

3 Hours

$100 / per person (Group rate)

$60 / Single Supplement applicable

There are various tools we can employ in the name of self-empowerment to help us gain clarity, a higher perspective or at its simplest, guidance.

Spiritual card reading is one such tool that focuses on our intention and our intuition to channel communication from the higher realms.

The Aims of the workshop through interactive participation are

An Introduction to Spiritual and Angelic card reading

  • Understanding the role of ‘setting the intention’ in an Spiritual card reading
  • Benefits of connecting, receiving, understanding, and implementing guidance from the higher realms
  • Different card layouts and approaches.

The ultimate objective of the workshop is to gain a higher perspective, clarity, and direction using the medium of Spiritual Cards.