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Angel Workshop - Reclaim Your Power

'The Empowerment Manual' – and Reiki

Angelic Reiki

Self Help Reflexology Workshop

I have attended the training of Reflexology with Vandana and it exceeded my expectations. This complicated science was made easy and clear by Vandana. She was very knowledgeable, personable and supportive. Her way of teaching is very clear, patient and passionate. She has had years of experience and I could feel how she was excited to share her little tricks and “secrets” with us. You cannot help but believe that reflexology works, it worked for her and for her many clients and with a little of curiosity and courage it will work for us! I was surprised to get the manual and the videos made by Vandana, so I didn’t have to make any notes. After the training I left inspired and confident that I can implement knowledge and practical skills with my family and friends. I highly recommend to take this course for anyone who works in wellness, healthcare or is simply on the way to self-discovery, like me. I love you too girl

Natalia D | Slovakia

Self Help Reflexology

Good morning Vandana, Thank you very much for your time and sharing something this amazing with us. Little things keep blowing me away. You are such a great teacher and you male ot easy to learn and grasp a concept. I can see that this is really your passion and your knowledge is that of a Reflexology teacher and far more. Thank you also for empowering your clients- to have a chance to heal themselves through something that you are trained professionally in. Look forward to the yoga nidra later.

Nina de Lange | South Africa


I have been having reflexology treatments (feet and face ) intermittently with Vandana for the last 5 years. I started reflexology to experience alternate healing. At the time I was amidst emotional and hormonal issues along with asthma and respiratory tract related concerns. Almost as soon as I began treatment with her, I saw a tangible difference in myself. Vandana is a breath of fresh air and sessions with her are balancing and energizing both mentally and physically. During the sessions V as I fondly call her, works in the gentlest possible way to release emotional aspects which are often the underlying cause of our physical ailments. She offers suggestions and guidance which are subtle and intuitive but most importantly, effective. Vandana has been instrumental in helping me with the process of letting go and allowing change. I have always experienced a tremendous sense of peace, belief and unwavering faith and strength in her which has both inspired and strengthened me tremendously. Today as many of my physical concerns have lessened I still look forward to my hour of bliss and peace. Every session with her gives me new insights on life that resonates well beyond the session. Over the course of five years I have observed Vandana live by her words and I see her sincerity and commitment to total wellness and healing to this day. V, I am eternally grateful to you for teaching me to find and understand my true self and opening my mind to new thinking and limitless possibilities. Thank you from the heart.

Tasneem | Australia

Japanese Cosmo Lifting

There is no exaggeration when I say that, after receiving a Japanese Cosmo Lifting facial from Vandana, I look and feel years younger. Something in the way Vandana stimulates key points in the face with acupressure, and the way she massages the skin in an upward rhythmic flow, literally smooths out the lines on my face and brings my body to complete relaxation. Vandana uses natural products, lightly scented to appeal to the preferences of her individual customers, and they are applied by the hands of a healing master. The results are evident from the very first facial.

Bonnie Swesey | USA

Pre-Natal (Inducing) Reflexology

I visited Vandana regularly during my last trimester of pregnancy for sickness and indigestion and the improvement was amazing as well as a great way to relax as the finally weeks approached. I only wished I'd know about it in my first trimester! As I went over due Vandana tried a few times to get things started but the baby didn't seem to want to come.... Finally she arrived the day before I was to be induced and with a very quick and easy labour (around 4/5 hours) so I'm very pleased we kept trying as I was dreading an induction.

AH | Abu Dhabi

I profited greatly from my prenatal reflexology meetings with Vandana. After each visit, I felt more relaxed and slept better. Five days past my due date, I had no signs of labor and was worried that I would have to be induced. I therefore went for a reflexology treatment. Less than 24 hours later, our baby was born.


Pre-Natal Reflexology

I really enjoyed prenatal reflexology treatments with Vandana during my first pregnancy, as it felt as my weekly reset button especially when my hormones have gone wild and my joints started to swell. I especially appreciate Vandana's teaching methods and the fact she enabled me to pressure specific points at home to additionally contribute to the overall treatment. Vandana's fingers are spot on when it comes to massaging your sore areas, but the most beautiful part is the spiritual essence running through all of her sessions, so it definitely feels you are always in for some body and soul recuperation. I would highly recommend Vandana to anybody looking for a little bit more balance in their life.

TV | Abu Dhabi

I found Vandana during my difficult recovery from a cesarean section. She helped tremendously with my back and wrist pain, plus encouraged my milk supply. While nursing, traditional pain medication options are limited and I found that reflexology with Vandana provided significant relief. While I find foot reflexology a bit uncomfortable during the treatment, for me, the benefits are so great that I don't mind. Facial reflexology, on the other hand, is completely relaxing and feels lovely from start to finish (and for hours afterward!). Vandana's also a lovely person and so encouraging! Now that I'm pregnant with my second child, I plan to see her for treatment of pregnancy-related symptoms, like low back pain, and relaxation. And when the time comes, to encourage labor! Seeing Vandana is a real treat and I look forward to each session.


Dear Vandana, Motherhood is the most precious phase in any women’s life. As much as happiness and joy one feels during this phase, the anxiety, stress, mood swings and pain is always a detachable part of this period. But I guess, like for everything else in this world, God has taken care of this too! He has sent angle’s like you to care for us, expecting mothers and make this phase even more cherish able and smooth. As I continue to enjoy each day of this phase in my life, I wish to convey a small note to a special person like you. I cannot thank you enough for the great service you offer. Whether it is the simple massages or the reflexology therapies you offer, the results are beyond commendable. Your therapies are truly magical and I mean it. Your care and compassion, your guidance and hope has been a strong pillar of support for me. There are no words to express what you do and being who you are. I am truly blessed and grateful to have known such a wonderful person like you. May God continue to bless you and your work always. With much respect, affection and appreciation,


These sessions are incredibly relaxing and really help to ease some of the symptoms of pregnancy. However, the foot reflexology part can be a little painful! I recently had to miss an appointment and my symptoms worsened - I was significantly more tired, my back hurt more and my heartburn was FAR more prevalent. Vandana also provides Reiki during these sessions and I have definitely noticed an improvement in self-awareness and general emotional healing. I cannot recommend these sessions enough. Vandana is a true healer. Thanks for everything Vandana!

Jo Drury | UK

Emotional Influencers and Identities

Vandana and Tony's workshop on Emotional Influencers or Our Human Needs gave me a better understanding of my communication and behavioral styles. I had quite a few 'ah ha' moments of awareness as I was able to delve deeper into understanding the behaviors of others. I loved the way Vandana and Tony correlated our basic needs and our energy fields, something I hadn't realized previously. I have to mention the very creative and impressive power point slides, and how fun and interactive the role playing portion of the workshop was, well done. I am grateful for your guidance in assisting me on my journey, thank you.

C Faughn | USA

Thank you Tony and Vandana for the fabulous class on Emotional Influencers. It was a unique way for making one understand how to be aware about our own emotional balance while communicating, thinking and experiencing situations as well. I didn’t know that a wide variety of mixed emotions plays role in our daily life! You both had planted a seed in my mind to pause and check upon every thought of daily routine, like talking to hubby or daughter 😅! It was self-awareness to rewind and do a double check to understand, what motivates me to process such emotion It was fantastic, looking forward to attend more classes

Shameena Abdulrahiman | Kuala Lumpur