Universe Within

3 hours workshop/meditation

$85/-per person (Group rate)

$60/- Single Supplement applicable

An experiential and introspective dive into understanding our Chakras, the Wheels that Heal.

The Chakras are a profound representation of the Universe and help us be aligned spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.

Explore these portals that bridge our inner and outer worlds by their:

  • Location on our subtle body, sound, colour & element it draws energy from.
  • Central theme of each chakra.
  • Understand the different identities rights and fears connected to each chakra.
  • Explore & identify our defences, our needs & our goals.
  • Reflect on the influence of the chakra animal attributes.
  • Understand the stages of the development of each chakra.
  • Finally, meditate to the powerful chanting of the chakras seed mantra enchanted by the sounds of binaural beats.

The aim is for you to assess the health of each chakra and to create your own personal self-healing practice based on the chakra system.

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